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Benefits of the SPA Living Program for Seniors

Keeping to a healthy lifestyle is an integral part of maintaining one’s physical, mental and emotional faculties as the body ages. For the seniors in need of rehabilitation in Wilmington NC, the SPA (Seniors Pursuing Active Living) Program offered at the Wellness Center at Davis helps to ensure that all of their rehabilitation and wellness…Read More

Wilmington NC Rehabilitation is the Key to Staying Injury-Free for Seniors

Regular exercise and a focus on physical fitness play important roles in any health strategy, but as we age, exercise takes on a whole new level of importance. In Davis Community’s Wilmington NC rehabilitation pavilion, our exercise plans include essential activities that can help seniors avoid certain types of injuries while helping them to enjoy…Read More

How to Accelerate Senior Rehabilitation in Wilmington NC

As we get older, accidents and injuries not only occur more frequently, but the time it takes to recover from them is likewise increased. At Davis Community’s Champions Assisted Living Center, we make rehabilitation in Wilmington NCĀ an easier and quicker process for our seniors thanks to our state-of-the-art rehabilitation and wellness pavilion. Still, overcoming the…Read More