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What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

Champions Assisted Living in Wilmington NC Wants to Know: What’s Your New Year’s Resolutions? Most families have traditions with a good many of them being centered around the year’s holiday season. Whether it is your Aunt’s special sweet potato mash at Thanksgiving or your family’s annual hunt for the perfect Christmas tree, traditions like these…Read More

Top Ten Reasons to Retire at a Wilmington NC Assisted Living Center

If your retirement is approaching, then you will soon have to be making up your mind as to where you want to spend your retired years. Now that you are no longer confined by your job, where you decide to live is entirely up to you. At Davis Community, we think our Wilmington NC assisted…Read More

Benefits of the SPA Living Program for Seniors

Keeping to a healthy lifestyle is an integral part of maintaining one’s physical, mental and emotional faculties as the body ages. For the seniors in need of rehabilitation in Wilmington NC, the SPA (Seniors Pursuing Active Living) Program offered at the Wellness Center at Davis helps to ensure that all of their rehabilitation and wellness…Read More