Davis Care Rooms

Davis Health Care Center

“What Makes The Davis Community Unique?”

Although The Davis Community does not offer independent living, the community is structured to provide a continuum of care with many unique amenities. Adjacent to The Davis Community is Plantation Village, an active retirement community whose residents receive a special rate for services provided at the Davis campus.

Many people become familiar with our campus through a membership to the Wellness Center or perhaps through a positive experience in our outpatient therapy gym and private treatment rooms. Others may learn about our campus during a short rehabilitation stay in our Rehabilitation Pavilion. No matter how you come to know The Davis Community there are features that set our campus in a special category for inclusive care.

Gift Shop – The Davis Community operates a small gift shop in the Health Care Center which provides residents and guests with a pleasurable and affordable shopping experience.

Libraries – The Rehabilitation Pavilion, Health Care Center and Champions Assisted Living each have a library for residents, guests and visitors to use. Up to date periodicals, large print best sellers and paperback books can be found in the three libraries staffed by Auxiliary volunteers

WiFi – Guests can either use the computers in the libraries or can receive a password to access the Internet. Skype can be a great tool to help families connect with loved ones out of town.

Walking Trails and Landscape – Whether you are looking for a peaceful spot to read a book or choose the outdoors for exercise or therapy, the paved walking trail around the Davis provides a new activity around every turn. The trail winds around two lovely rose gardens, a bluebird nesting area, a waterfall, a picnic area and even a children’s playground.

Greenhouse and Giggle Garden – Unique to most senior living communities, The Davis Community has a 30 foot glass greenhouse that is a hub for gardening activities. Residents who have “green thumbs” and those that just like to remember the joy of planting flowers in a garden can spend time in the greenhouse in supervised programs. The gardeners make beautiful hanging baskets and floral displays for special occasions. Funds from the sale of the plants help the program remain self-sufficient.

Chapel and Faith Services – At the Health Care Center a small chapel is always available for intimate conversations with medical personnel or for quiet moments of prayer and reflection. Twice weekly religious services are available on the campus at both Champions Assisted Living and The Health Care Center. Wonderful community volunteers provide music and a faith message to our residents.

Transportation –Whether by car, van, or coach, qualified drivers are available to take residents to medical appointments, shopping excursions and group outings. Champions Assisted Living sponsors a Senior Men’s Softball team and a night out to the ball park is a much anticipated event.

Wellness Center – Qualified residents receive a free membership to the Wellness Center. Exercise and wellness programs, a fully equipped gym with supportive staff, and a warm saltwater pool are just a few of the amenities that are available to residents who still enjoy exercise and strengthening programs.

Onsite Pharmacy – A pharmacy is located on campus providing residents with ready access to medications. Visitors to the campus may also use the pharmacy and receive prescriptions at competitive prices.

Physician Services – In addition to being a campus physician, one family medicine physician operates an office on campus. This convenient service is an asset to spouses and family members.

Acupuncture and Massage Therapy – Through Red Hat Therapies, visitors and residents may take advantage of massage therapy services and acupuncture treatments in a beautifully appointed spa-like treatment room. Fees for the services are determined by the therapists.

Aromatherapy – In some areas of the campus aromatherapy is used to support resident care. Pharmaceutical grade botanical oils are often diffused in the Health Care Center to support the creation of a calming environment. Essential oils have been known to have some benefit in reducing anxiety and stress, among other outcomes.

Bedside Therapeutic Harp Music – New to the campus in 2013, weekly harp therapy is available to residents who may benefit from the healing properties of music. Bedside harp playing has been shown to reduce anxiety, pain and depression and is even used to support a hospice patient through their final hours. This is a suggested fee for individual bedside music.

Pets – Although individual animal companions are prohibited, the campus abounds with animal life. Three cats call The Davis Community home and a friendly cockatiel named Winston will provide a musical rendition of some popular songs. Parakeets chirp along to resident greetings or signal the arrival of an animal companion from the community. Family pets may visit the campus as therapy dogs or visitors following the completion of a medical and social history questionnaire.

Recreation – Each day multiple opportunities for recreation can be found. Guest chefs, themed parties and socials, outings, bingo and other activities are provided throughout the campus. Many opportunities are available for small group interaction as well as large group entertainment. Weekly guest musicians provide a lively atmosphere at all of the campus facilities.

McDowell’s Pub – Opening in late 2013, McDowell’s Pub at The Health Care Center will provide a festive and comfortable location for residents to gather before and after the evening meal. Furnished with a game table and other pub amenities, McDowell’s will be gathering place for conversation and fun.

Memory Care/Dementia Care Households – Champions Assisted Living offers apartment living in a secure environment for residents diagnosed with a diagnosis of dementia. Residents are also encouraged to attend general population activities whenever possible to remain engaged in socialization. At The Health Care Center a 24 person dementia care household provides medical care and socialization in a secure environment.