Cape Fear Seniors Interviews Julie Rehder and Angie Barr

On April 4, 2014, the Davis Community was the topic on the popular podcast, Cape Fear Seniors, for Business Radio X. Over the duration of the half-hour show, the host offered up questions pertaining to the services offered at Davis Community in Wilmington NC, including skilled nursing, the community’s rehab center, and other questions that those with aging loved ones will find interesting and poignant.

Interviewed on the program were Julie Rehder, the Marketing and Community Relations Administrator, and Angie Barr, the Health Care Center Administrator at Davis Community. The duo open the show discussing Davis Community’s campus-like setting, how and why the community was founded in 1966, and the recent advancements and changes that the community has undergone over the last few years.

Davis Community through the Years

The Health Care Center at the Davis Community was established in 1966 and since that time it has continued to grow in size and scope. In 2000, the Davis Community completed construction on its Champions Assisted Living center, thereby adding another level to its suite of support services. This addition also helped initiate a more homelike environment and culture to the community.

The next innovation came in 2010 when the community opened its Rehabilitation and Wellness Pavilion. This state-of-the-art rehab and recovery center provides seniors with a range of health and wellness options, including a fitness center, outpatient therapies, and short-term inpatient care for residents and guests alike. The center has 50 private guest rooms for persons needing short-term rehabilitation for post-operative care for such conditions as knee and hip replacements or other health needs following a hospital stay.

After a year-long strategic planning session involving the Board of Directors, residents, family members, staff, visitors, neighbors, vendors, and friends, the Davis Community model was shifted from a medical care model to a household model of care. This change provided seniors in long-term care with greater privacy and choices in their lives so that they could live more comfortably in residences that were more like home than hospital-like environments. The first two freestanding houses opened in July of 2013 while the first two households in the renovated section of The Health Care Center opened in April of 2014. The community is currently on schedule to open newly renovated home every ten months until the project is finished in 2016.

Listen to the Podcast and Learn More about the Davis Community

The Davis Community in Wilmington NC offers its residents the services they want and need to enjoy a higher quality of life throughout their later years. Take a few moments and get a better understanding about what we offer here by listening to the podcast. From identifying the signs that your parent may need assisted living services to having “the conversation” to comparing senior living centers, we’re here with you every step of the way so you can make the most informed decision possible.

If you have an aging parent, you should not miss this in-depth interview with Julie Rehder and Angie Barr of the Davis Community. Listen to the podcast here and then visit our Facebook page to learn more about our Wilmington NC skilled nursing services, rehab and recover pavilion, upcoming changes, and more. Or for more information, give us a call today at 910.686.7195.