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Things You Need to Know Before You Begin Spring Cleaning

Is spring cleaning one of the items on your annual to-do list? Some people love the process of organizing and cleaning. For others, it’s a necessary evil. Love it or hate it, though, spring cleaning is a great opportunity for a fresh start. Have years of accumulated possessions started to make you feel a little…Read More

How Will Seniors Be Affected By ACA Repeal

After a brief hiatus, The American Healthcare Act (AHCA) is back on the table. Having passed in the House of Representatives, it is now awaiting a vote by the Senate. Many people are anxiously following these developments and anticipating the effects that it may have on their own healthcare. If you or someone you love…Read More

New Treatment Program for Individuals with Swallowing Disorders

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE THE DAVIS COMMUNITY OFFERS NEW TREATMENT FOR SWALLOWING DISORDERS WILMINGTON, NC  – JUNE 23, 2017 Imagine not being able to share a meal with friends or family, or having to eat through a tube. These are just some of the social, emotional and physical challenges individuals with swallowing disorders – also known…Read More

Davis Dash 5K and Health Fair

Inaugural Davis Dash 5K & Health Fair! Join Us Saturday, April 29 for the first Davis Dash 5K & Health Fair Event. All proceeds benefit The Davis Community Life Enhancement Program and The New Hanover County Senior Center! The 5K Race starts at 10:00 AM on The Davis Community Campus, 1011 Porter’s Neck Road. Runners Please Register…Read More

Dizziness Staying Grounded – Wellness Seminar

Dizziness Staying Grounded Wellness Seminar Tuesday, Feb. 21st. 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM Join Frank Mikloucich, DPT for a discussion on how regular dizziness can be treated with therapy intervention. Located at the Rehabilitation and Wellness Pavilion at The Davis Community. Have Questions? Call 910-319-2124.

Essential Oils for Seniors

Aromatherapy has played an important role in holistic health and wellness practices for centuries. But recently, its effects have been shown to help seniors suffering from a range of health problems. At Davis Community, we use essential oils as part of our wellness program to help facilitate improved health and senior wellness in Wilmington NC….Read More