Coronavirus Updates


To:         All Families, Friends and Staff of The Davis Community
From:   Angie Barr, Chief Operating Officer
Date:     May 28, 2021
Re:         Visitation Update

We are happy that increased visitation continues with no new positive cases of COVID-19 on our Campus.  We are being very diligent as other assisted living and skilled nursing facilities in our area are currently experiencing COVID outbreaks.  We ask that you continue to be mindful of the core values of infection control and COVID-19 prevention including maintaining physical distancing and wearing masks appropriately.

We have seen an increase in visitors not wearing masks properly and attempting to visit their loved one in communal areas.  All indoor visits are held in resident rooms unless your loved one is in a shared room then the visit is held in a designated space away from other residents.  Visits are not held in communal areas with other residents at this time.  Masks are required to be properly worn at all times in areas other than the resident room and under certain circumstances.  If you meet the criteria for removing your mask once in the resident room, as noted below, that is only permitted in the resident rooms. We still require all visitors to wear a mask properly at all times when traveling to and from the resident room.  Mask are not required for outdoor visits.  Please read the details below for any additional questions.

Visitation Updates:

  • Outdoor visitation continues to be preferred even when the resident and the visitor are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • There is no longer a limit for the number of guests for outdoor visits, nor is there a restriction for the length of the visit.
  • Masks are no longer required for outdoor visits, but strongly encouraged.
  • Number of guests for indoor visitation remains 2, but there is no time limit for the visit.  Masks are required during screening process and while traveling to your visitation destination.
  • Screening and hand hygiene will continue for all guests prior to the start of each visit.
  • If both the resident and guests have been vaccinated, mask usage is not mandatory in resident rooms, although strongly encouraged. Proof of vaccination must be provided. Visitors who do not bring proof of vaccination will be considered unvaccinated for visit purposes and masking and social distancing will be required at all times. Masks must be worn throughout the screening process, until arriving at the visit destination. Please be sure to pay attention to the revised screening form at your next visit.
  • Indoor visits are permitted only in resident rooms and not in communal areas including the dining room.  If your loved one resides in a shared room, the indoor visit will be accommodated in a designated area and not in proximity to other residents.
  • Residents who are vaccinated and have guests that are unvaccinated may choose to have close contact, but must wear masks at all times during the visit.
  • Visits do not have to be scheduled at this time.
  • 10 visitors are allowed in each Household/Neighborhood at a time. When capacity has been reached no other guests will be allowed in until capacity has reduced.
  • Visits will take place during normal visiting hours, 9am-7pm.
  • Screening will be completed in each individual Household. No screening will take place at the Pavilion Reception Desk.
  • COVID testing continues to be available for ALL of our family members. We are happy to offer you a FREE COVID test at any time.

Communal Dining and Activity Participation:

  • Fully vaccinated residents may participate in communal dining/group activities without masks or social distancing.
  • If any unvaccinated residents are present all participants must wear a mask and unvaccinated residents must physically distance from others.

Off Campus Visitation:

    • Residents leaving the facility for less than 24 hours do not have to quarantine upon their return, unless there is prolonged close contact with someone with SARS-CoV-2 infection, regardless of vaccination status.
    • Unvaccinated residents who are off campus for longer than 24 hours will be quarantined upon their return, while fully vaccinated residents who are off campus for longer than 24 hours do not have to quarantine upon their return.
    • Any residents that have traveled out of the area will be required to quarantine for 14 days upon their return if they have had contact with individuals at increased risk for severe illness.

Please remember that there is a capacity of 10 visitors per household/neighborhood. Visitors may not be allowed in if capacity has been met, but may utilize outdoor visitation.

Testing Requirements for Residents:

  • Routine testing is not required for residents at this time, unless symptomatic. Residents who leave the Community on a routine basis (more than 3 times per week) while not under the supervision of The Davis Community Staff (i.e. family outings) will be required to test weekly.
  • We will continue to test all staff on a weekly basis in order to ensure the safest environment possible for your loved one.

We appreciate all of your patience in this ever-changing environment in which we all live. It is our goal to regain normalcy in the months to come while maintaining a heightened level of safety by adhering to the guidance set forth by CDC, CMS, and NC DHHS. Should you have questions or need clarification, feel free to contact us. We look forward to seeing more of you very soon!

Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns to our Infection Control Team at (910) 566-1256 or to me at  Stay Well!All the best,

Angie Barr

Our mailing address is:

The Davis Community
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