Group Fitness Classes

Land Classes

Joints in Motion (Level 1)This gentle exercise class is designed specifically for individuals with arthritis.  Low-impact activities help you maintain overall muscle strength and improve joint flexibility and range of motion.

Piloga (Level 2):  A perfect union of the core strengthing from Pilates and the balance and flexibility of Yoga! Gentle movements will stretch your entire body and leave you feeling rested and restored.

Functional Fitness (Level 2):  Strengthen and tone your entire body with functional movements designed to increase muscular strength, mobility, and endurance.

Cardio Fun (Level 2):  This upbeat class is designed to increase cardiovascular endurance with fun, rhythmic movements.

Power Circuit (Level 3): A total-body class utilizing low-impact intervals of strength and cardiovascular training followed by a cool down focused on flexibility.


Water Classes 

Aqua Flow (Level 1):  This low-impact aquatic fitness class is for those seeking to increase joint mobility, reduce pain, and build muscle strength.  45 minutes of gentle, intentional exercises will leave you feeling stretched, refreshed, and ready to conquer the day!

Aqua Tone (Level 2)This moderate intensity aquatic fitness class utilizes low-impact movements and a variety of aerobic combinations to improve cardiovascular fitness and total body strength.  Each class ends with a cool down utilizing balance and range of motion exercises.

Aqua Blast (Level 3): This high-intensity aquatic fitness class is sure to keep your heart rate up!  Upbeat intervals of cardio and strength training utilizing a variety of aquatic resistance equipment will give you a great, high-energy workout. Come prepared to sweat!