Senior Tips

Everything You Need to Know About Doing a Home Safety Check for Your Senior Loved One

Home safety is a huge concern for seniors and their loved ones. After all, an accident at home can have a huge impact on a senior’s ability to continue to live independently. Thankfully, many accidents are quite preventable! A simple home safety check can help you to remove any potential issues in your loved one’s…Read More

7 Ways to Make Grocery Shopping Easier for Aging Parents

Seniors with physical limitations or those with dietary or budget restrictions may find grocery shopping to be quite challenging. These tips can make it a little easier for them.

Independent Seniors – Should You Get an In-Home Cleaning Service?

Keeping a home clean and presentable can be challenging, even for seniors who are capable of living independently. Tasks that they used to do without a second thought may now leave them physically drained. Or they may find that limitations in mobility make it impossible to do what they used to. No one wants to live…Read More

Caregiver Tips to Make the Home Safe for Aging Parents

Lower the Risk of Injuries and Accidents at Home Few things have as much potential to suddenly and drastically alter a senior’s mobility, independence, and quality of life as an injury resulting from a fall or other accident around the home. Every year one in four seniors falls, and many experience injuries that could have been avoided. Hindsight…Read More

The Importance of Advance Care Planning

Declining health and end of life decisions are topics that most of us would probably rather not think about. As difficult as it can be, though, planning in advance is the best way to ensure that your wishes are met no matter what. Advance planning also provides your loved ones with the assurance that they are following…Read More