Assisted Living

When a Loved One Has Alzheimer’s – Tips and Advice for the Whole Family

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s can leave a family feeling overwhelmed. If someone you love has recently been diagnosed with this condition, you may be looking at the road ahead with at least a little dread and uncertainty. Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s isn’t easy, but it can be rewarding. Knowing what to expect and preparing…Read More

Tough Choices – Home Care or Home Health?

As a person gets older, it may become necessary to receive some help in treating medical conditions or in living with certain physical limitations. Thankfully, many of these services can be provided right in the home, allowing many people to stay in their own homes rather than relocate to treatment or long-term care facilities. Many people have heard…Read More

Senior Care Types Explained

As we get older, changes in mobility, balance, and overall health may make it impossible to continue living completely independently. There are many options for senior care that can help us overcome these challenges and continue living a meaningful (and safe) life. Depending on individual circumstances, here are a few options for seniors and those who love…Read More

Should Your Parents Consider Assisted Living? – Signs to Look For

Many children grow up under the impression that their parents are some kind of real-life superheroes. They know the answer to any question, can make any hurt feel better, and possess limitless energy to tend to their kids’ every need. As they grew old enough to adopt adult responsibilities of their own, children take on a more realistic perspective of parental…Read More