Is Now a Good Time to Adopt a Pet?

Here are some things to consider before you adopt a pet!
When you're missing friends and family, pets can be a great source of companionship. If your circumstances allow, now could be a great time to adopt a pet.
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How to Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

You can enjoy being a tourist in your own town.
Let’s face it – as much as we all love to travel, long journeys require a lot of time, energy, and money. Traveling in the year 2020 also poses unique health risks that we all need to consider. Fortunately, there’s a healthier, budget-friendlier way to satisfy your wanderlust right in your...
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Home Safety Tips You Need to Know

Read these 13 home safety tips.
Many accidents and injuries that occur in the home are very preventable. Follow these simple home safety tips to make your home as safe as possible.
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How to Write Meaningful Letters

Why writing letters is important and how to do so.
Writing letters has, in a sense, become a lost art. Today, many schools no longer teach cursive handwriting and penmanship. And with the price of postage continuing to rise, and shorter attention spans, many people do not write letters by hand. You can make a difference in the lives of your...
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What You Need to Know to Watch Birds From Your Home

Begin the easy and fun filled hobby of bird watching!
It’s easy to see why bird watching, or “birding”, is such a popular activity. Birds are beautiful to look at, enjoyable to listen to, and there is even evidence that birding can decrease feelings of anxiety, depression, or stress. Another great thing about the hobby of birding is that you can...
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How to Use Technology to Visit With Friends

Follow these simple steps to visit with friends using apps!
Around the world, health concerns have made it more important than ever for people to rely on technology. Social distancing measures in many areas prevent people from visiting with friends in person. Additionally, large distances or physical disabilities can make it nearly impossible for some to visit with friends in-person. Even...
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