What You Need to Know to Watch Birds From Your Home

Begin the easy and fun filled hobby of bird watching!
It’s easy to see why bird watching, or “birding”, is such a popular activity. Birds are beautiful to look at, enjoyable to listen to, and there is even evidence that birding can decrease feelings of anxiety, depression, or stress. Another great thing about the hobby of birding is that you can...
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How to Use Technology to Visit With Friends

Follow these simple steps to visit with friends using apps!
Around the world, health concerns have made it more important than ever for people to rely on technology. Social distancing measures in many areas prevent people from visiting with friends in person. Additionally, large distances or physical disabilities can make it nearly impossible for some to visit with friends in-person. Even...
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How to Cope With Social Isolation

Here are some important tips to help anyone deal with social isolation.
Social isolation can be difficult to deal with, no matter your age or circumstances. It can be especially challenging, though, for elderly people who live alone or who depend on routines outside of the home for stability and companionship.  If you or a loved one is struggling with social isolation, here...
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What You Need to Do to Stay Healthy

Five easy tips to staying healthy.
We all want to stay healthy. We also recognize that we can make choices that help us to feel better and can lower our chances of becoming sick, whether it’s paying attention to nutrition, including exercise in our routine, getting enough sleep, or scheduling regular visits with our doctor and listening...
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The Best Ways to Use Apps to Know Your Neighbors

Neighborhood Apps to Stay Connected with Social Distancing
Most of us are familiar with our neighbors on some level. Maybe you wave to the man who walks his dog past your house. Or maybe you exchange a pleasant greeting with the lady next door as you check your mail. Because of differing schedules and other limitations, though, we don’t...
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Do You Get Your Senior Discount?

Here are some ways seniors can save money with discounts
One of the perks of being over 55 is that many businesses offer senior discounts. These may range from a flat percentage (usually 10-15%) off of your purchases, to discounts on specific days or on certain products. Others may require that you meet certain requirements, such as an AARP membership. And...
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