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Wilmington Arts and Entertainment For Seniors

If you are a senior in Wilmington, North Carolina with a little time on your hands, there is no shortage of art and entertainment venues! In Wilmington, you will find one of the oldest theaters in the country, Thalian Hall Center for Performing Arts. A converted city hall, the venue hosts 500 performances each year….

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Musics Impact On Brain Health

What Is Music’s Effect on the Brain and Why You Should Listen

Music has existed since the days of the earliest humans. Since then, it’s been a significant part of our emotional makeup and our society. For example, all of us can recall a time that a favorite song brightened our day. And many young people spend hours each day with headphones on, listening to the latest…

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Plan For Retirement Wilmington

Everything You Need To Know To Plan For Retirement

Let’s face it: most of us would rather not discuss retirement planning. The concept of retirement might seem too far away to be relevant to some. Or, for others, retirement age could seem too close for comfort. Still others might be intimidated by the different financial terms and options involved in retirement planning. Whatever the…

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