Living at The Davis Community

This place is amazing Kathy Kibler the admin coordinator went above and beyond to help me get my mother moved there from another nursing home that was not so great I will never be able to thank her enough. The facilities at this place are gorgeous and very homelike everything is very clean and neat all of the staff is very friendly I know my mother is in good hands being there and I don’t have to worry about her anymore as I did at the other place not being taken care of properly

- Travis N.

My father & mother both spent time at Davis four years apart and the facility just keeps getting better. The nurses & staff are exceptional and very caring. The atmosphere is bright and beautiful which makes it easy to visit. The outdoor space is a big plus also. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for excellent care for their loved one

- Donald Bogosian

Our Mission

To provide health, wellness and rehabilitation services to aging adults in a loving, continuum of care environment in which each resident lives at an optimum level of function and dignity.


This sentence can evoke many emotions but for most people, the word 'home' has special meaning. If you have experienced a nurturing and loving home you know how it feels to be enveloped in a supportive environment. You know what it means to have your desires understood, your needs met and your hopes and dreams celebrated. You know that a life with meaningful friendships, purpose and dignity makes each day sweeter and more fulfilling.

There is someplace like home.

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